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Darwin Musselman

California Styles of the Artist and Educator

Then and now...

The Olson House (Hawthorne Point, ME), 1980 Watercolor, 14.5 x 21"

(Backdrop of Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World)

Red Church (Mendocino), 1948 Watercolor, 16 x 22"

(Today, since 1975 - "Corners of your Mouth" health food store

La Salute, Venice 1963 Oil 18 x 24"

La Salute, Venice 1963 Oil 18 x 24"

Mrs. Miller's Rooming, 1972 Egg Tempera 18 x 24"

Red Rock Canyon, 1959 Oil, 18 x 24"

Arches at San Xavier, 1980 Oil 20 x 30